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Shakespeare & Young Company

Shakespeare & Company

Noah spent the summer of 2016 studying Shakespeare & Company's performance methods, with student ages 16- 20, in this rigorous 8-week Conservatory program, which culminated in two short productions performed at the Rose Footprint Theater.

Described by the company as training that, "develops the skills necessary to be open, spontaneous and to effectively communicate thoughts and feelings in an ensemble environment. Alumni of Shakespeare & Young Company are sought after not only for their talent and skills, but also for the collaborative spirit they bring to any studio or rehearsal room."

Waking The Wild Colonial

Independent Feature Film

Waking the Wild Colonial is inspired by a real group of teens living in the Berkshires. Working with writer/director, Shannon McMahon Lichte, the group has developed the story, co-written the script and starred in the project.

A key component of the project is the teen's involvement throughout the filmmaking process. Each one contributed their unique vision and talent. All have contributed to the script; some constructed their own YouTube videos, directed scenes in the film, and will be actively involved in the editing and post process over the summer of 2016. It was a priority for director, Shannon McMahon Lichte to nurture this collaborative environment as co-creators. 

I Dream Before I Take The Stand

Pittsfield High School

This was the first piece Noah directed and produced as a Senior at Pittsfield High School. 

During the rise of the #MeToo movement of 2017/ 2018. Noah directed this piece written by Arlene Hutton in which a defense- lawyer examines a woman during her testimony in a sexual- assault case.

Noah wanted to use the piece both as educational for fellow students, as well as to open up needed dialogue about sexual assault with the local community. Talk backs were conducted after each public performance, and the show was performed in- school for students that wished to attend.


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